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Holiday Movies

Posted: January 3, 2007 in Culture

rocky-balboa.jpgwe-are-marshall-movie.jpgarticle_attachment_1165355725.jpgnight1.jpgapocalypto.jpgOne of Kelly and my favorite things to do is go to the movies.  And because of the holiday break (and the generosity of our parents who have watched our children) we have been able to see five different movies over the past week!  There really wasn’t any major “blockbusters” out this holiday season that I thought I just had to see, but I thoroughly enjoyed every movie I saw.

 Rocky Balboa

When I heard that Sylvester Stallone was coming out with Rocky VI I think I laughed.  No offense to Sylvester, but after Rocky V…need I say more?  I heard in an interview that Sylvester was also disappointed with the way Rocky V came out and wanted to end the series on a good note to honor the Rocky fans that had been so disappointed by the last Rocky film.  And he did it!  It was awesome.  The Rocky character is perfect for Sylvester Stallone.  I was worried going into the movie that it would feel unrealistic.  I mean come on…a 60 year old boxing a kid in his 20s and pulling off the upset…but the story was very believable.  Big thumbs up for Rocky Balboa.  A must see!

Night in the Museum

We went to see this movie in St. Louis at the IMAX theater (nothing beats an IMAX movie – especially if it is 3D) with the kids.  We all laughed and enjoyed the story.  Dick Van Dyke and Mickey Rooney were great additions to the cast.  And Owen Wilson always makes me laugh.  This is a great family movie.


O.K…I’m giving this movie qualified thumbs up.  It was entertaining in the sense that it held my attention, but it wasn’t entertaining in the sense of enjoying oneself at the movies.  It is a very gruesome picture.  In the end, I wondered if Mel Gibson might do well with a little psyco-therapy.  I can handle great tragedies if in the end there is some sort of fair retribution or feeling of restored homeostasis.  There isn’t.  The movie ends and I left disturbed with the feeling of injustice.  Having said that, the scenes are spectacular and there is something captivating about watching extremely authentic looking actors/actresses speaking a foreign language.

The Holiday

I love Jack Black.  If you are in the mood for a romantic comedy, this is the one to see.  I especially loved the story line involving an older gentleman who was a famous screenwriter in Hollywood back in the day.  Great movie.  Only downside was that the wife and I went to a Fondue restaurant for New Year’s Eve (we love the Fondue) and I ate an obsene amount of food and was busy digesting during the film!

We Are Marshall

This movie was incredible.  Better than I would have guessed.  If you see it, and you should, don’t leave at the credits.  During the credit scroll they show footage and pictures of those who the movie portrayed.  It was very powerful.  Almost as powerful as one of the closing scenes where “Red” played by Matthew Fox is overwhelmed by the loss of the original Marshall team. 

A few weeks ago, Evelyn Hutchison at our church Christmas Party told me that she worked at Marshall University in 1970 at the time of the plane crash.  She didn’t leave the campus for 48 hours and she was busy working with another professor dealing with tragedy.  It put a personal touch on the movie for me and I couldn’t help but wonder if Evelyn would see this movie, and if so, her thoughts and emotions at the end.

 …in other news…

I started back on my diet today.  The post-New Year’s resolutions are underway.  The scale this morning was not good to me.  And the number it revealed will remain a secret.  Let’s just say I’ve had way too much fun over the past month and a half.