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Build a Bear with Baby Girl

Posted: January 9, 2007 in Family


One of my goals for the New Year (one of about 1000) is to make Mondays the best Sabbath/family day I can.  It feels like most Mondays (my day off) I work harder than I do if I were in the office with yard work, bills, chores, everything I have put off doing for the week.  I’m hoping this year to squeeze some of those activities earlier in the week so when Monday comes I can just rest, spend time with the family, and do things like read, etc.  I don’t plan on being legalistic about it – if I have to do something – that is the way it is – but I’m just going to try.

Today I took Alex to spend her Christmas gift certificate to Build-a-Bear.  I don’t know who the genius is who thought of the Build-a-Bear concept but I’m sure they are very rich!  It is a little girl paradise.  I have to admit, I was impressed with the process.  You rub a little stuffed heart (teddy bear part) in your hand to warm the heart, then you hold it in your hands and close your eyes to make a wish.  Then you rub it on your heart, your tummy, your head and then put it in the teddy bear.  I was so moved I almost bought a bear for myself…excuse me, I have to get a tissue…

Anyhow, it was sweet.  The picture is of Alex’s bear, “Mary” (she said she likes the name, but I think she named it after our worship leader’s daughter).  She picked out the outfit and purchased a cell phone for her bear (I wonder what that reflects – am I on my phone too much).  It was a good day.

Now – time to sit down with Isaac, my ten year old and watch the BCS championship game.  I’ll let him stay up for the whole game.  He is the only one of my kids whose behavior never seems to be negatively affected by sleep deprivation.