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Caleb’s Turn

Posted: January 10, 2007 in Family, vision


After taking Alex to Build-A-Bear yesterday, Caleb was upset because he also received a gift certificate (thanks to Memaw) and wanted to go.  So I promised him today I would take him.  So, we did…

I found out that the genius who started Build-A-Bear is Maxine Clark.  She wrote a book entitled, “The Bear Necessities of Business.”  I think it would be a good book for a church’s leadership to read.  Some of the things about Build-A-Bear that I think the church should reflect on is:

  • It is simple.  They do one thing, and they do it well. 

  • They have created an experience.  You don’t just enter and purchase, the child experiences every aspect of building the bear.

  • The process wins the hearts of parents.  What parent wouldn’t gush a little at watching their child close their eyes and make a wish while holding a stuffed heart.

  • It is clear and well-directed.  You know where to begin, and you know where to end.  Along the way, everything is clearly marked and well-directed.

  • It reflects a child’s individuality.  While the whole experience in thematically the same (stuffing a bear, etc.) each bear is different and reflects the child’s preference in regards to type of doll, sounds, clothes, accessories, etc.

It would be great if kids love church as much as they do Build-A-Bear…