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chart.jpgExpectations are a very powerful thing.  I believe they actually have the power to create realities.  I find that either in myself, or in others, most people live up to expectations

Of course this cuts both ways.  Sometimes I achieve great things in which I expected for myself.  And at other times I live up to low expectations I have set for myself.  For example, if I don’t expect that I will make it past the second week of January in my New Year’s Resolutions, I usually don’t. 

Whether it is teachers to students, parents to children, employers to employees, etc. expectations are a powerful thing that usually sets standards, goals, and even realities into motion. 

  As a defensive mechanism to keep from being disappointed in life there are some people that always set their expectations low.  Granted, there might be less disappointment – then again – maybe not – especially at the end of life when one examines the totality of life from the perspective of the end – but the problem is that when good things do happen we are typically “caught off guard,” “unprepared,” “shocked,” etc.  Sometimes this leads to squandering or losing the ability to take advantage of great things or seeing them become normative for our lives. 

The power of expectation is also true for churches.  Churches that have low expectations for growth or God’s blessing typically live up to those low expectations.  In fact, I believe God will honor our expectations whether low or high.  If you pray for healing with low expectations, I believe He honors that.  If we pray in faith and great expectancy, He honors that. 

What has been exciting to me over the past week as I have entered into different conversations with a variety of leaders at the Living Stones Church is their great expectations for what God is going to do (and has done) in regards to growth and blessing.  It is no longer, “if God…” or “maybe God…” but “Of course God is going to…” and then the work of getting prepared to receive growth and blessing is set in motion.  I love it!  I love the confidence and reality that God wants us to grow and he wants to bless us – if for nothing else than because His own name is at stake.  Such great expectations foster a powerful spiritIt is contagious – and it is awesome to be a part of.  Most of the time we live up to our expectations.  They are powerful enough to set realities in motion.  Therefore, let us, as the Living Stones Church have great expectations