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A Pictorial Tribute to My Mother

Posted: January 13, 2007 in Family

My mother called this morning to inform me that I had left her out of my “Ode to 2006” blog where I mentioned how grateful I am to be working with the best people in the world…and then I go on to list several people.  Well…my mother wasn’t mentioned!  She called to let me know about my “little” oversight.  Everyone, including my mother can now rest assured, I have gone back and reedited my post to now include my mother – Diane Barrington!

I mean really – what kind of a son forgets to mention his own mother?!  What kind of an ingrate of an offspring neglects to mention the very one who was responsible for giving me life; who endured 174 hours of labor to push out a 5 lb. 5 oz. little squirt of a kid?!  What kind of delinquent fails to give credit to a mother who ranks up there with one of the best mothers in the world!  A mother who is generous beyond comparison, compassionate, loving – a fantastic grandmother to my children!!  My greatest attributes, from nagging persistence to obsessive compulsive disorder, I OWE TO ME DEAR SWEET MOTHER!  To remedy my obvious familial fau paux – I offer this pictorial tribute – to my mother; the greatest mother ever!!!













With Love,

Your Son