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It has been three weeks now since I’ve gone back to the old “eating right and exercising” routine.  It usually takes me three weeks to get 77876129_8901970f8d.jpgover the “I hate this and want to throw up” stage.  I think I’m close.  Although right now my wife is in the kitchen making an Olive Garden Fettuccine Alfredo recipe with garlic bread!!!  Blasted woman…temptress of diet intentions!

Tonight I will be eating a chicken breast with broccoli.  My mouth is watering even as I type.  Yummy chicken…green broccoli… that when cooked in the microwave seems to emit a foul odor all over the house.  It serves the rest of my family right.  Gag on the foul broccoli odor you fettuccine alfredo/garlic bread eating tempters…

Detecting the Counterfeit

Posted: January 19, 2007 in faith

ist2_345351_counterfeit.jpgI got to witness some drama at the Speedway on Ireland Rd. yesterday at noon (yes – the Speedway that supplies Jim Counts with all of his 345 ounce soft drinks!).  I walked in at the same time a police officer was responding to a call about a woman who was trying to pass off a counterfeit $20.  Of course the woman claimed she had “no idea” and would never have tried to pass off a counterfeit.  I don’t think anyone at the counter – the police officer, the attendant…and honestly even myself believed her (although – maybe she didn’t know – what do I know).  What was interesting was that it wasn’t even a good counterfeit.  From what I could see it had the right patterns and colors – but it was on normal typing paper!

It reminded me of what I heard one time about criminal investigators who are involved in counterfeit schemes.  It is my understanding that they train, not by learning all of the techniques or secrets of counterfeiting, but rather by immersing themselves in real money.  They become so familiar with real money – its texture, feel, look, pattern, color, distinguishing marks, etc. that they would be able to spot a fake in a second; not by having to know about the fakes, but only because they know the real that well.

I couldn’t help but wonder if that same principle couldn’t apply to faith in Jesus.  There seems to be so many counterfeits of the real Jesus out there – from culture, secular scholars, T.V. evangelists, different religious groups, cults, etc. that “different” Jesus’ abound!  They are counterfeit Jesus’.  In response, to combat these fakes, some have immersed themselves in knowing all of the fakes, the cults, the frauds, the scandals, etc.  There might be some value in that, but I’m wondering if, like the criminal investigators, the better way wouldn’t be to so immerse ourselves in the real Jesus, to know everything about him – his personality, his heart, his values, his purpose, his voice, his tone, his expectations, etc. that we would never be fooled by a counterfeit.  In a second we would spot a counterfeit Jesus as a fake; not because we were experts in all that was fraudulent, but because we knew Jesus and truth that well!  I think it is time for me to recommit to knowing the real Jesus better than I have in the past.