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Blue Chairs at Church

Posted: January 21, 2007 in Living Stones Church, vision

blue-chair.jpgWe had a lot of blue chairs out this morning at church.  The only problem is – our chairs are supposed to be tan!  We’ve run out of the tan!  Another 110 chairs are on order and are supposed to be shipped the week of February 7-15th (we’ll see – I’m not holding my breath).  I’m about to petition other churches to let us borrow 50 chairs or so until our order comes in.  We’ve run out of chairs and need more.  Thus we had to bring in the blue chairs.  They are smaller and not near as comfortable as the tan chairs.  While I don’t like them, it is a good sign to see them.  It means there is continued growth.  That is always a good thing.  It means, as a church, you are doing what God has called you to do.

 Bigger is better.  I heard Tim Stevens and Tony Morgan say that once.  They weren’t saying that a big church is better than a small church.  They were making the point that a church that is getting “bigger” is always better than one that isn’t because it is reaching people and fulfilling a commission that Jesus gave them.  It isn’t about size, but about direction.  A church of 1000 that is stagnate or declining isn’t as exciting as a church of 50 but is getting bigger because it is being faithful to Jesus’ calling. 

Therefore, growth is inevitableSmall will be replaced with bigger.  The numbers may vary from place to place, but there is only one alternative to consistent growth – to stop growing.  To say to those who need to know about Jesus, “We’re sorry, you’re not welcome here – nothing personal – but we just like that ‘small’ feeling.”  The moment a church circles wagons to preserve a preferred and comfortable size – it no longer becomes a church interested in reaching out in the name of Jesus.  It may say it does.  But it really doesn’t.  It is really interested in preserving a particular comfort level.  Actions speak far more than words.  It is nothing more than a “family-sized” church with a cute story of what they “would like to do” but isn’t really serious about doing it. 

As uncomfortable as it might be; as many blue chairs that need to come out; as many faces in whom you no longer know their name – in the end – it means we are doing what God has called us to.  And that ought to be celebrated!  For there is only one other alternative…and that, at least in regards to faithfulness, is not an option!

P.S.  The early bird to church gets the “tan” chair!!!