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Alright – this may be more information than anyone wants to know…and I hope people don’t avoid eye contact with me later because of it.  If you don’t want to know anymore, feel free to exit out of this blog and come back tomorrow for a new post…


Went to the Urologist yesterday with Kelly to talk about the possibility of getting a vasectomy.  When we walked into the office – it was packed, and I was the only one under the age of 60 present in the room.  I couldn’t help but wonder what the other men were thinking.  Part of me wanted to hide in the corner and the other part wanted to say…”no, I’m not here for those little blue pills!!”  Anyhow – when we were finally called into the doctor’s office he showed us a graphic video about the procedure (didn’t want to eat for quite sometime after) and then we talked with the doctor. 

 I have some concerns:

  • I love my three children and in spite of wanting six when I first got married, am now very content with this being my family.  Kelly and I don’t want anymore children.  But there is something very sobering about thinking in terms of permanence.  That’s it dude.  You do this and you CANNOT have any more children!
  • What about my next younger wife and what she might want in terms of children (just kidding – I wrote that to test if my own wife reads this blog).
  • Let me put this as delicately as I know how…all the parts are working going into the procedure, I need all the parts to work coming out.
  • I have heard great differences in terms of vasectomy experiences from other guys.  Some were out golfing that day…others claimed to be throwing up for two weeks!  (feel free to comment positive experiences)
  • Just hearing about the procedure makes my palms sweat, my eyebrows furl, and my face grimace – what if gets stuck like that permanently?
  • I don’t have a real deep voice now, what will it be like after the procedure?

Anyhow – we’ll see.  Did you know, albeit rare, the vas deferens (the part of the male anatomy that gets severed to prevent sperm flowage) can grow back!!!  The doctor said if that happened, God wanted us to have another baby.  If so, so be it