Leadership Retreat

Posted: January 26, 2007 in Leadership, Living Stones Church

I’m presently at the Lindenwood Retreat Center in Donaldson, IN for a day of prayer and preparation for a leadership retreat that begins tomorrow at noon!  I’m very excited to be here.  This is a very special place (space) for me in regards to my spiritual life and calling in regards to the Living Stones Church.  It was here, in room #7 that I spent ten whole days in silence and solitude back in 2001 (the first three days will pretty much kill you…but if you can make it past the immense boredom it is amazing) asking the Lord for direction in regards to mission and vision for the church.  And man did he answer!  Quite powerfully

We met here last year at this time as a leadership team to consider mission/vision, etc. as we looked into 2006.  It was awesomeA great experience.  I love leadership retreats.  Getting together as a team is a great deal…even if it is just time together away from our  normal settings and distractions.  And then the conversations and ideas that we ask the Lord to bring to us is powerful and infectious.  I look forward to another great time!

I hope someone brings some cheese dip!

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