What We Learned at Our Leadership Retreat

Posted: January 27, 2007 in Leadership, Living Stones Church

I’m sitting around our leaders as we finished the more formal aspect of our retreat conversation.  Now we are sitting in a lounge (we’re not drinking any hard liquor) laughing and goofing off (one of my favorite parts of retreats).  I have asked them to help me compose this blog and offer the highlights of the retreat thus far.  Here is what they have concluded:

  • Chex mix is good.
  • Chuck Barrington shows favorites at Bob Evans and pays for only his table (note to self – always sit with an elder)
  • My wife can belch louder than any other Living Stones Church leader (it can peel paint).
  • Curt Lynn steals signs that say Living Stones on it – sorry Living Stones Fellowship Church.
  • Living Stones Fellowship Church has better food than us – and the director of the retreat center invited us to help ourselves but we suspect they are hiding it from us.
  • Our church can use a lot of money – please help – there are two “r”s in Barrington.
  • Big vision – little money (see above)
  • Cynthia Kneip’s brownies may have caused us to change our name to Living Stoned Church.
  • Bill Steele is going to build a mezzanine in our worship space.

Seriously – great conversations talking about how to move forward in the future.  I love this stuff.

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