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Winter Wonder-Land

Posted: January 28, 2007 in Living Stones Church

Holy Schmoly it is still snowing.  We are under a “Lake Effect Snow Advisory Warning.”  When I woke up this morning there was a good amount of snow that had fallen.  The news reported many church cancellations.  I thought there would be a slim crowd at church this morning.  I was surprised at how many people were there

The opening song this morning was “Now I’m a Believer.”  Somewhat of an adaptation of the Monkey’s original (or is it Smashmouth?).  Kids loved it!  I thought it was awesome. 

In terms of message, dondpostcardfront.jpgI finished the Apprentice series we began four weeks ago.  We took a look at four different narratives at Acts of individuals (from various backgrounds) who gave their lives to Jesus – Ethiopian Eunuch, Saul (later to become Paul), Cornelius, and the Philippian Jailor.

Next week we begin a new series entitled Deal or No Deal.  I’m very excited about it.  We are mailing out 6800 postcard invitations to people who live around the church.  As a sidenote, I discovered through some demographic studies that there are 42,500 people who live on the south side of South Bend!!  That is way more than I would have guessed.  Anyhow…the Deal or No Deal Series is about living a life of blessing as opposed to debt, financial ruin, and bondage to credit cards, etc.  While the topic is money (a very sensitive subject – and yet the #1 cause of marital conflict and/or personal stress), I wanted to assure everyone that we wouldn’t be talking about giving more money to the church.  Not that we are opposed to giving to the church – but, who wants the experience of inviting their family member, their co-worker, their neighbor, or a friend to church and then when they finally accept the invitation and show up they hear a pastor get up, give some talk on the financial woes of a church and then ask everyone to give more money!  For most…that would be the last week they come and the one who invited them would think twice about ever doing that again! 

It should be a great series and a lot of fun!