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The Grapefruit

Posted: January 31, 2007 in Family, Personal Reflections

grapefruit.jpgMy in-laws were in town this past weekend to watch our kids as Kelly and I went on a leadership retreat.  Not only were they in town to watch our kids, but they also were dropping off their Toyota Camry which they are just graciously giving me (they bought a brand new one) so I can turn my leased Honda Civic in next week.  NOT ONLY THAT but while they were here, they also removed the wallpaper and painted my dining room!  Isn’t that incredible?!  I have good in-laws.  They are very gracious to us.  Keep that in mind.

So…this morning I woke up and was in a mood for a grapefruit.  This is strange because I don’t eat grapefruit.  Unless I’m at some breakfast bar or retreat place, I cannot think of a time that I have ever just sat down in my kitchen and had myself a grapefruit.  But, last week, there was a sale at the grocery store on grapefruits so I thought I would purchase one.  Well, this morning was the morning I woke up craving the grapefruit.  So, I opened the fruit crisper in the refrigerator and MY GRAPEFRUIT WAS GONE!!!  My in-laws had stolen my grapefruit and consumed it while I was at the leadership retreat!

So, I turned to my wife and complained, “Hey – your parents ate my grapefruit.”  Kelly cocked her head, gave me that “are you serious” look and responded, “they gave you a car.”  (you just have to imagine her face and tone…it was priceless).  It struck me funny the moment she said it.  They sure did.  Not only did they give me a car, they took care of my kids and redecorated my dining room.  All that for a grapefruitIt is a good trade.

 I shared this story about my pathetically ungrateful heart during our staff meeting today and how I had complained about my in-laws eating my grapefruit and Jennae Gee, our Administrative Assistant, whipped out A GRAPEFRUIT and gave it to me!  Who has a grapefruit just laying around?!  Apparently Jennae.  So – I got my grapefruit after all.  My life is good…really good.  Maybe I can remember that the next time I want to complain about something. 

Postscript:  what in the world is the proper way to eat a grapefruit?

I begin the Deal or No Deal message series on Sunday morning with the first week entitled, “Accept the Banker’s Offer?”  I find that somewhat ironic given the fact that we had lunch today with the church’s banker, Todd Bruce from Lake City Bank!  That dude is awesome.  Not only did he pay for lunch at Logans (one of my favorites) but gave some good advice in regards to some of our plans and goals for growth and vision.

We wanted to discuss three big priority areas in regards to our continued growth and movement:

  1. Expanding our current lobby space by knocking out several walls and offices.
  2. Turning the back half of our building into an exclusive children’s wing with brand new decor, themes, safety issues, etc. (this was especially exciting to our leaders during the leadership meeting)
  3. Redeveloping a current building into an exclusive youth center/space to house all of our teen activities.

Todd was very encouraging in regards to some of the possibilities.  We trust him in regards to being a banker, and thus not taking a ridiculous risk on any lending, and as a fellow Christian we trust him in regards to giving us honest advice as to what is a wise and smart investment versus a goofy and wreckless plan of borrowing and spending.

Next step – getting some bids for a few of these priorities.  Very exciting!