Small Things With Great Love

Posted: March 22, 2007 in Discipleship, faith, Personal Reflections

shane-claiborne.jpgWent with a group of guys (David Kneip, Doug Harsch, and Curt Lynn) to Grandville, MI yesterday evening to hear Shane Claiborne speak at Mars Hill Church.  Which by the way, I can’t stand the roads in Grandville.  You couldn’t make a right or left turn without having to find a turnaround and come back, etc.  It was miserable (not to mention it was raining and hard to see…I think I’m getting old).  Anyhow, other than that, it was a good road trip and an interesting experience.

Shane wrote a book called Irresistible Revolution.  Shane took the stage in what looked like his contemporary friar clothing.  He had dreadlocks, a bandana, thick glasses, and thin.  He had a great personality and told amazing stories of love and kindness in a world that desperately needs something that has the power to transform.  He showed a video clip of a little boy who received love and care from one of the sisters in Calcutta.  It was a very powerful image…and very disturbing (in one of those good ways).

Shane spent some time with Mother Theresa in Calcutta.  He quoted her often.  In response to those who spend some time in Calcutta with her and want to stay, she had a habit of discouraging them from staying with her but rather to go out saying, “Everyone has a Calcutta, find your Calcutta.”  It was her way of saying, there are outcasts all around you, all over the world.  Find themServe there.  Another one of my favorite saying (that is also the drive for servant evangelism) is Mother Theresa’s, “We cannot do great things, we only do small things with great love.”  Very good evening listening to Shane, who is a great prophetic voice within the Body of Christ to not forget who holds a special place in God’s heart.

Still struggling with reconciling his life experiences and stories with my own.  I will need to apply the heart he so clearly demonstrated within the context of being married, three children, etc.  But I need voices to continually remind me.

Mars Hill was interesting.  It was my first time having been there.  I found the facilities very utilitarian.  One exception, there was no sign.  Where is the sign?  Had Doug not been there before, I think we would have driven around for quite sometime and never discovered the church.  They purchased an old shopping mall and converted it into a church.

I’m leaving later today to spend some time at the Lindenwood Retreat Center.  It is a great spiritual recalibration place for me!

  1. Voice in the Wilderness says:

    Be careful, Shane’s book is dangerous. It could change your life and how you view those around you.

    Shane is smart, into Jesus and full of the Holy Spirit. Shane is a Christian who really seems to know what it is to follow Jesus.

    Great book, great speaker.

  2. alex says:

    u r totally right shane knows what he is tallking about i saw him when he came and spoke at high school Y.A.R. I am reading his book right know. It is changing my life. I am looking right know for my own Calcutta and 2 help people. U really need to read his book it is amazing. He has helped everyone i know that went and heard him speek.

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