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Alright, we are coming down to the home stretch.  Not many more episodes left.  And we are starting to have a divided Barrington house.  It is reminding me of our Cubs vs. Cardinals rivalry and who will win the hearts of our children.  My wife is a big Jordan fan.  While I like Jordan, she isn’t my pick.  In fact, out of last night’s performances, I thought Jordan’s the weakest.  Loved the comment she made about her mom loving Bon Jovi…classic.  I love the 80s.

Tonight American Idol says good-bye to TWO contestants.  My picks to go are:  Jordan Sparks & Chris Richardson

I am pulling for Blake to win the whole thing, but I must concede that Melinda Doolittle is perhaps the most versatile and talented of all American Idol contestants…EVER.

In Sanjaya news(I sure miss that kid) – not that I want to be a part of passing any juicy gossip – but rumor has it that Sanjaya’s family may smoke a little sumpthin’ sumpthin’ check out story.