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I was working on my sermon for Sunday…”Alive in Faith” and was curious about others’ experiences in regards to feeling/coming “alive in their faith.”  So, I thought I would ask the blogosphere.  For those who would be so willing to help, I’m curious how others would finish the phrase:  “I feel most alive in my faith when…”

Important waiver/clause:  I understand by commenting on this post that I am giving, Sam Barrington, the right to use whatever I say as his own brilliant thought for Sunday’s sermon nor is he required to share any of the credit and thus appearing like he is the genius behind said quote and I am not entitled to any royalty or compensation for said brilliance!


Cracker Barrel, Olive Garden, Barnes & Noble, Bennigans, Dillards (not as exciting)…these are the names of retailers that the city of South Bend has decided to pursue in an effort to draw them to our market!  How awesome would that be to have some of these places in South Bend?!  Good-bye diet and budget!!!  Pass me the alfredo and Cracker Barrel bacon (and cherry pancakes, grits, potato/cheese casserole, coffee, etc.).

Top of the newscast last night on WNDU was the story about some convention in Las Vegas where 1/3 of all retail deals are established.  This year, the administration of South Bend is going to propose that some of these retailers come to our city.  My question…what has taken so long?!  What did we propose last year?  Why does Mishawaka’s administration barely breath and attract retailers like crazy but the South Bend administration can barely draw a Wal-Mart (aren’t they in every community in the world?!). 

The news went on to say that they were specifically trying to draw some of these retailers to four specific areas:  the corners of Jefferson & Michigan, Lombardy & Western, Bendix & Lincoln Way, and Michigan & Indiana!  Now, I’m all for these four intersections improving.  Getting new retailers would be great, but I have to ask…can you picture a Dillards at the corner of Michigan & Indiana (I know if you are not from Michiana this blog means nothing)?!  Hey, Michigan & Indiana is a neighborhood not to far from our church.  I love Michigan & Indiana and want to see economic prosperity and blessing to come to those streets.  But is South Bend serious when it thinks it is going to be able to draw Cracker Barrell to that intersection?!

What I find most interesting is that the second news story on WNDU was about the Juan Gonzales case.  If you don’t remember, he is the guy who nearly beat to death another man…on the CORNER OF INDIANA & MICHIGAN!!  I got a great idea Mayor Lueke, let’s put a Barnes & Noble on that corner.  At least people might be able to run in the store, grab a hardback book, and use it to protect themselves from baseball bat beatings or bullets.  Are these companies so stupid that they wouldn’t do a “crime report” on these intersections before signing the papers to locate a store in these four areas?! 

For those of you who know me, you know I’m not a Democrat or a Republican.  I don’t vote because of conscious and pastoral ministry sake.  This isn’t about a Democratic adminstration or a Republican administration in the city of South Bend.  This is about seeing the city improve and wondering how in the world it gets better by trying to attract retailers to these four corners of our city!  Maybe it is time to start voting… God help me!