Archive for May 8, 2007

Finished our Alive message series on Sunday.  And man do I feel dead (just kidding).  I had a great time.  Good series – videos, Harleys, worship sets (some of the best ever!), backdrops, blond jokes (O.K…maybe not so good on the blond jokes), etc.  Here is my Living Stones Church guarantee…no more blond jokes…at least for awhile.  Many thanks to those of you who are trying to help me avoid the cricketsof Sunday by sending me funnier blond jokes.  But, I’ve decided to go another direction…redhead jokes (just kidding). 

Don’t forget this week to place yourself in a situation that requires faith.  A great cloud of witnesses are looking on.  Step out and watch yourself come alive in faith!

I loved the drama this past Sunday with Dena Counts and Amy Osterhout.  And yes, you heard it correctly, the word “hemorrhoid” was said out loud.  A Living Stones Church first.

Don’t forget about Mother’s Day this Sunday!  It is bring your mom to church day!!  She’ll love it.  And so will you.  More to come later…