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Salad Spritzer

Posted: May 10, 2007 in Culture, Personal Reflections

I saw a commercial today for a new product put out but Wish Bone called – the salad spritzer.  The commercial was full of very excited women “spritzing” their salad leaves.  Man were they excited about it…doing kicks, flips, smiling from ear-to-ear!  Each spritz only has 2 calories.  So…ladies, if you need a salad spritzer…have at it.

BUT – here is a warning to all of my friends that are guys.  Dudes…if I find out that YOU are using a salad spritzer on your salads (and I’m not against salads), then we can’t be friends anymore.  I hate to be so mean and harsh about it, but I feel this convicted…I just can’t be friends with a dude that uses a salad spritzer.  You use a salad spritzer and you’ll be sanjayed in my mind…over…done…through…no more friendship!  Just wanted to give fair warning!