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Tattooed Alex

Posted: May 12, 2007 in Family, Personal Reflections

Our kids go to Community Baptist Christian Schools.  It is a fundamentalist independent Baptist church…so…you can pretty much guess that they frown on things like tattoos.  We have liked, in the main, the teachers at the school, and it is almost right across the street from our house (not to mention one of the most affordable private schools we have found).  The other day Alex got one of those “fake” tattoos.  It is a metallic butterfly.  They are not allowed at Community Baptist Christian Schools.  So, the other day, rather than removing the tattoo, Kelly put a gauze bandage over the tattoo and taped it onto Alex’s arm.  So she went to school “bandaged up.” 

On Thursday, Alex’s teacher came running after Kelly to tell her about a funny story with Alex.  When Alex’s teacher saw the gauze bandage she asked, “Alex, what happened!?”  Alex responded, “I had a tattoo accident.”  Mrs. Vanderkooi (her teacher), just laughed and laughed.  Here’s to tattoo accidents!