Google Reader

Posted: May 30, 2007 in technology

I am not very technologically savvy.  I’m trying to remedy that by reading some different things and trying different things.  To illustrate exactly how far I behind I am…I just discovered Google Reader  yesterday.  It has been 24 hours and already I don’t know how I lived without it!  What a time saver!  If you read multiple blogs…stop clicking on each blog, go to Google Reader (or other similar software) and allow it to do the work!

Google Reader finds all new posts from all of my favorite blogs and/or websites and then sends them to me in one easy page – all in one click!!!

  1. Clarence says:

    I offered to walk you through this on the phone :-).

    It is a blessing :-).

  2. Doug says:


    (BTW, I also use “bloglines,” and I am NOT just trying to show off..)

  3. Kelly says:

    I’ve known this for months. I’ve just been keeping it from you to keep you on the computer even longer! (right)

  4. With my slow internet i can not afford watching video. Without video i still can’t get what Google Reader is about((( Could you please explain?

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