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After Saturday I have a whole new respect for roofers.  Holy Schmoly when I was done I hurt in places I didn’t think I could hurt.  But, we got a lot done!!  Still a little more to go, but the new hunter green architectural designed shingle is making it on the building.

 The only thing that tempered the pain of roofing was the company I was in.  Some seriously hard work was invested into the day.  Bill Steele (shown in picture) did a great job setting things up and a lot of the prep work.  Thanks to Ann Lynn and Dick & Diana Newport for the noontime grub (I had four hot dogs!!).  And to all the people who sacrificed their time to save us some money (in our estimation anywhere from $6000-$10,000). 

The bottom of my feet and my calves…oh baby did it hurt!!!   

Miranda Mayes

Posted: July 2, 2007 in Family, Living Stones Church

I need some prayers for one of my friends, Miranda Mayes, who found out yesterday she has leukemia.  She has been admitted to the hospital for where she must remain for 3-4 weeks straight.  She begins chemo today.  So I’m asking that you would say a prayer that God would completely heal Miranda of her cancer!!!

Keep Jason (Miranda’s husband), and her entire family in your prayers as well as they walk through this together.

I know many of you have asked if there is anything you can do.  We’ll let you know.  Keep praying.