Things I Learned on the 4th of July

Posted: July 5, 2007 in Deep Thoughts, Family, Personal Reflections

Here are a list of things I learned, or were reminded of, on this 4th of July:

  • My body is easily confused…even more so when it has a day off in the middle of the week (what was up with the alarm clock this morning?).
  • The neighbor on the next block can put together a firework’s show to revival anything you would see at Coveleski Stadium…or the National Mall in D.C. – seriously…he must have spent thousands.
  • I love Cracker Barrell coffee.  It could be my favorite.
  • We changed the cat’s food (just slightly).  They are now on a hunger strike going into their second day.  I’m sort of routing for the little guys.  How long can cats fast?
  • If you have a five year old girl, she may not like the sound of fireworks.
  • After 11:00 p.m., I don’t like the sound of fireworks.
  • Smores are very messy…but goooooodddd!
  • I can eat a lot of meat…like massive hamburgers (a couple of them with several slices of cheese) followed by a bratwurst.  I have skills.
  • I am capable of watching hours of home decorating shows and documentaries on the Revolutionary War.
  • South Bend, if the Silverhawks are not in town, offers virtually no fireworks show on the 4th.
  • If you live on a street with a lot of little girls under the age of 12 – drama WILL exist.
  • The police work on the 4th – there were some serious arrests made on Donmoyer Ave. and Michigan St. as well as in the Martin’s on Ireland Rd. (at Martins the employees tackled two guys!!!)
  • My wife is pretty good at removing wallpaper in a kitchen (while her husband watches home decorating shows in the next room).
  • Cheese sticks could be one of the greatest inventions.
  • I’m glad we are independent of England…and everyone else for that matter.
  • I think Roseland should declare it’s independence from the town council.
  • If the gym is closed for a holiday, I feel less guilty.
  1. The Bishop says:

    Read what can happen when Hoosier genius decides to store fireworks in the house and throw one from a doorway. A proud Hoosier moment.

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