Still on the Ranch

Posted: July 20, 2007 in faith, Living Stones Church, Personal Reflections, Uncategorized, vision

Can I tell you that I LOVE MY JOB!!?  Right now I am sitting in some green lounge chairs on the front porch of our church enjoying what might be the most beautiful day of the summer!!  I have my computer, books, Bible, etc. spread out on three different chairs and I’m getting to work in this “office.”  Life is good…really good.

Today is the LAST DAY of our Avalanche Ranch VBS.  It has been a blast!  Last night was the biggest night yet in terms of kids and I anticipate that we will end today with an even larger number.  I notice that the energy level goes up a bit at the end.  On Wednesday, everyone is usually exhausted…kids and volunteers…except for Gary Dolezal who I’m telling you is fantastic with kids and summons up energy from some storehouse unavailable to the rest of us!  On Thursday you start to get a little burst of energy and then on Friday for the last night, it’s on!! 

Meeting a lot of wonderful children; some great connections with families; and some fantastic inquiries into the Living Stones Church.  Just watching the children worship…I’m telling you it’s priceless.  If I have these feelings in my heart watching them…imagine what feelings God must have in his heart watching them!

Two stories…I had one mother share with me last night that her child was loving the VBS and that she, as a mother, was grateful that her daughter was coming.  She said the first night her daughter came home and said with great excitement and conviction, “Mom, God REALLY is real!!”  Isn’t that great?!  On Wednesday night one of the fathers came to pick up his three children (right on Perez family).  He walked in at the end during our worship time and he just stopped and worshipped!  I mean he was doing the hand motions and everything…not like he was trying to  encourage the kids…but all for God.  He had his eyes closed…looking up to heaven…and singing!  It was beautiful!!

And can I talk about the VBS snacks!?  In my day it was a sugar cookie and kool-aid (which I loved).  Last night we had ice cream sundaes with crushed oreos and a cherry on top!!  “In my day….”

It has been a busy busy week.  Sorry for the inconsistency on the blog.  Last week was church camp and this week is VBS.

One more thing from an earlier post about Miranda Mayes (by the way – Miranda’s husband, Jason, took these photos from our VBS…he has a sweet camera!).  She is doing great (piece of cake)!  I mean seriously…I have never seen anyone go through the chemotherapy treatment she is going through with such flying colors.  Note to cancer:  Don’t mess with th’m Texans!  Doctor hinted that it is quite possible she could go home next week!!!!  You can hear all about it yourself from her myspace page.

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