Archive for July 23, 2007

Today, Jennae Gee & Chuck Strantz sandblasted and painted our new sign out front.  It looks really good.  Here is Jennae trying to be polite to me all the while really wanting to say, “Get that *#$!@ camera out of my face dude!!”  What she doesn’t know is if she would have just said the above, I would have given her a big raise!  Anyhow, the old banners finally got to come down!  We still have to attach the five-stoned logo on the sign as well as some landscape work around it, but it is finally coming around.  Muchos Gracias to Chuck and Jennae for the day they invested in some serious work!

 Had a great time in worship yesterday.  It was great to see some new families from our Avalanche Ranch VBS and there is always more energy and excitement after such a great week.

My in-laws are here this week to help with a major home project.  I have to paint the house.  Who knows when the last time the exterior was painted (at least not in the six years that I’ve lived here).  So, we spent the day power washing, scrapping, and prep work for primer and paint.  I don’t like this work.  But I’m very blessed that my in-laws are here to help.  HUGE HELP!!!