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I can’t believe it is already August!!  Didn’t 2007 start…just a few days ago?!!  Anyhow, it is August which means one thing….this is my birthday month.  Yes, I said “month.”  I find that the people in my life really appreciate when I give them plenty of advanced notice as to my actual birthday…the 30th.  That way they have the next thirty days to really think about what they want to give me for my birthday and how they would like to tell me how much they love and appreciate me…how they would like to celebrate with me.  So, here is my courtesy reminder…30 days until my birthday!!

Sin and Habanero Peppers

Posted: August 1, 2007 in faith

Sin is like eating a habanero pepper.  It looks like a small little pepper.  The pretty orange color gives it an appealing look; it almost looks sweet.  And it is so small…how can it possibly hurt?  Then, you take a bite.  At first nothing.  Chew away.  Enjoy the flavors bursting in your mouth and then…