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Posted: August 6, 2007 in South Bend

Just got back from the NEW Chick-Fil-A in the Erskine Commons (go South Side of South Bend)!  It was almost 2:00 in the afternoon and PACKED!!  I love to see restaurants on the South Side do well.  It was excellent!



Speed:  Excellent

Price:  Excellent

So long Main St. in Mishawaka!!!  The South will rise again (at least the South Side of South Bend!).  Got to go mow the backyard now before Code Enforcement comes out!

I preached my sermon yesterday after drinking my very first energy drink – Mountain Dew Amp’d.  Not sure if I had more energy, but everyone claimed that I talked faster than I normally do (which is already very fast! – the church I preached at in Truby, TX nicknamed me, “rapidfire“…I can get three sermons in for the price of one!).  I think everyone just imagined that I would talk faster so they perceived me doing so even though it was normal speed.  I’ll have to listen to the CD later and see.

Next week:  Monster Faith:  Entering Into Training.

After church we had a youth group scavenger hunt.  It was a blast!  We broke up into different teams with an adult driver armed with a digital camera.  Then we were given a list of things we had to do each with a certain point value.  Things like:

  • Hug a cashier (thanks strange lady at Krogers!)
  • Find oldest headstone in cemetery (1815 was the winner)
  • Find a license plate out of state (more points for furthest away)
  • Act out a scene from a Disney movie
  • Can you find us?
  • Fit into a tight space (a few teams did port-a-johns…you win!)
  • Get into the same shopping cart
  • Picture in a firetruck (extra points if driver is wearing a firefighter’s helmet)
  • Picture with someone in uniform – we got Don Miller from police department!
  • Picture in unique place
  • In a cornfield
  • Find Amy Osterhout (youth leader who was eating at TGIF with family for lunch)
  • Kiss a mannequin (while avoiding Kohl’s security)
  • Find a statue and imitate it (extra points if statue has beard)
  • A Bible story
  • A dinosaur
  • Wear crazy hats (extra points for the craziest)
  • Fit in a dryer
  • Spell something with people (extra points for finding strangers to help)
  • Do an act of kindness for someone else
  • Whole team slide down a slide together
  • Form a pyramid (extra points if involving strangers)
  • etc.

It was a lot of fun.  And man do we have some competitive teens (and adults…Curt Lynn…it is just a game dude)!!  My team came in last place (sorry guys – I did too much driving around town)!  But it was a battle!  No one was injured in the stunts and it seemed all had a good time.  One team was thrown out of Menards (we told them to say they were from another church in that instance). 

Got to watch my son kiss his first girl…unfortunately, it was a mannequin in a wheelchair at Kohl’s.  The cashier looked at us awful funny.

Miranda Mayes Update

Posted: August 6, 2007 in Family, Living Stones Church

Just got a call from Miranda’s mother with an update on Miranda’s follow-up bone marrow test.  The doctor told Miranda (and she gave an exact quote), “That your bone marrow is clean as a whistle.”  Miranda is officially in remission!!!  Praise God!!