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Braveheart Tattoo

Posted: August 17, 2007 in Personal Reflections

Stopped by Marvel Tattoos for another tattoo.  This is my Braveheart tattoo.  Man does that hurt!!  No those aren’t tears in my eyes…but they were on the verge!

Addicted to UFC

Posted: August 17, 2007 in Culture

O.K.  I have another confession to make…I’m addicted to Ultimate Fighting Championship.  I know…I know… I’m a pacifist (not passive…pacifist) but I love it.  Two dudes slugging it out until you either tap out or get knocked out!!!  What could be better?!

Let me tell you…some of those guys are tough dudes!  I mean…not quite like me…but they are tough.  I know B.J. Penn doesn’t want to get in the octagon with me!  I’m predicting submission in the first minute of the first round!

It’s like the modern day equivalent of the Gladiator’s of Romemy guilty little pleasure.

Oh man is it beautiful outside!  Once again, doing some work on the porch in the green chairs enjoying the weather!!!  Oh…and I’m doing so with a donut and coffee in hand…my life is good…really good! 

I got back late yesterday afternoon from the Lindenwood Retreat Center.  Man I love that place! Lindenwood is my favorite “prayer closet.”  I just have to make it there once a month to spend a whole day with the Lord.  I find in my life I just cannot hear from the Lord well while being engaged in all of my normal activities.  I hear much better when I intentionally enter into solitude and silence (very difficult for me!!).  Lindenwood is that place.  I always come back refreshed and with better Kingdom perspective on things.

My wife and kids also returned home yesterday late afternoon.  I haven’t seen Caleb in about two weeks!!  I was so excited to be with them.  So now the cats will go back to ignoring me, but at least I have my wife and children around.

I’ve finished up a journey through the Bible today with the book of Esther.  I have a system of reading through the Scriptures that I have found works for me (and trust me…I’ve tried many other things that just didn’t work…so if you haven’t found your thing yet, keep trying!).  This is the first thing I have found that I have consistently stuck with.  I read five chapters in the Bible a day from five different sections of the Bible (helps with my ADD… 🙂 ).  On day 1 you read Genesis 1, Psalm 1, Isaiah 1, Matthew 1, and Romans 1.  From there you continue day after day reading the next chapter.  It takes me about two years, but in that time I finish the whole of the Old Testament and the New Testament twice.  I finished this morning with the end of Esther.  So now, I start all over again with a different translation.