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Having a Moment

Posted: November 22, 2007 in Family, Fun, Personal Reflections

I just said “good-bye” to my children.  They just left to go spend the night at grandma and grandpa’s tonight.  Kelly and I are leaving for a cruise tomorrow morning.  So, I won’t see my kids again until after the vacation.  I’m really excited about my vacation…but at the moment…I’m suffering a little sadness at saying “good-bye” to the kids.  I sure love my kids!

Many thanks to grandparents for coming and staying at the house with them for the week!!

Triumphant Thanksgiving

Posted: November 22, 2007 in Family


It was a good Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving

Posted: November 22, 2007 in Family

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

Here is my Thanksgiving blessing to all of you:  May your Thanksgiving meal include cheese.  Amen.

The Biggest Loser

Posted: November 21, 2007 in Culture

Is anyone else watching The Biggest Loser?  Man I love that show.  Watching the transformation of the contestants is amazing.  They have lost some serious poundage.  I’m always amazed at how different they look – especially in the face!!

Very motivational.  Plus…Kim Lyons (red team trainer) is hot.  But I’m married…and she’s married…so it just isn’t going to work out.  Plus she is married to this dude (Gunther Schlierkamp…German bodybuilder).  I’m not saying I couldn’t take him…it would just be close!

Food Network

Posted: November 19, 2007 in Deep Thoughts, Personal Reflections

Over the past two days I have discovered the Food Network HD channel.  What is up with this channel?!  I love it!!  In fact, I have forgone the Patriot/Bills game to watch Paula Dean’s Thanksgiving special.  She sort of has an obnoxious personality but everything she makes I crave!!  I love this channel!  Am I weird or does anyone else watch the Food Network (even over Sunday Night Football)?!  I’m still a man aren’t I?!?

Check out this message trailer Doug Harsch put together for our Polar Express:  Believing is Seeing message series!  He has some mad skills!!!

Finally!  At least we pulled out a win for the last home game!!  Almost a shut out until the end.  This will be the last Notre Dame football game I’ll see this season.  Even though they play Stanford next week…I’ll be on a Royal Caribbean boat in the middle of the ocean!! 🙂