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Bad weekend for sports in the Barrington household:

  1. Notre Dame lost in triple overtime to Navy (first time in 43 years).
  2. Indianapolis Colts lost to the New England Patriots (does anyone know why the greeting between the coaches at the end was so cold).

I was pretty discouraged until I saw NBC’s green logo.  They are going Green this week in all of their shows.  As soon as I saw the logo my heart strangely warmed and I became an environmentalist.  When I saw on Sunday Night Football that they were going to turn the lights off in the studio with Bob Costas I converted to environmental causes.  Who knew?  What in the crap is NBC thinking?  I would love to have been in the meeting where the room said, “Yea, that’s a good idea!”

[NBC entertainment chief Ben] Silverman also announced that all of NBC’s prime-time shows would participate in a companywide pro-environmental project called “Green Is Universal” for a week in November. Every show on NBC would have a story line with an environmental theme, Mr. Silverman said.
All of NBC Universal’s channels would be involved, said Lauren Zalaznick, president of the Bravo channel, who is leading the effort. She said the purpose was “to try to change the way we think and hopefully the way we and other people think — and act.”

Give me a break!!!  Shouldn’t someone be fired over this fiasco of an idea? (and I’m for environmental issues…my take on the creation narrative…but this is gimmicky and I want to throw up!  I’m now closing this blog so I can turn on every light in my house in protest!)