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Finally!  At least we pulled out a win for the last home game!!  Almost a shut out until the end.  This will be the last Notre Dame football game I’ll see this season.  Even though they play Stanford next week…I’ll be on a Royal Caribbean boat in the middle of the ocean!! 🙂


Church Christmas Lights

Posted: November 17, 2007 in Living Stones Church, vision

O.K…Just got back home with the kids after driving by the church to see the Christmas Lights up!!!  They are awesome!!!!!!  AWESOME!!!  I don’t know what you are doing right now, but drop everything, load up the kids, and drive by the church.  You can see the lights driving down Donmoyer Ave.  It looks great.  Makes us stand out in the neighborhood.  Hard to ignore that!  A huge thank you to everyone who participated this morning in putting the lights up.  A lot of hard work.  Thank YOU!!  Reason #1432 why I LOVE THE LIVING STONES CHURCH.