Food Network

Posted: November 19, 2007 in Deep Thoughts, Personal Reflections

Over the past two days I have discovered the Food Network HD channel.  What is up with this channel?!  I love it!!  In fact, I have forgone the Patriot/Bills game to watch Paula Dean’s Thanksgiving special.  She sort of has an obnoxious personality but everything she makes I crave!!  I love this channel!  Am I weird or does anyone else watch the Food Network (even over Sunday Night Football)?!  I’m still a man aren’t I?!?

  1. alex says:

    Yes you are Sam. Besides when games get that lob-sided, I usually stop watching them too.

  2. Melissa says:

    Paula Deen is awesome!! I think she could make sand delicious. Have you ever heard about how she started her business? It’s a great girl power story. My Weight Watcher friends and I refer to Food Network as the food porn channel 🙂

  3. Dave says:

    Yes you can keep your man card in fact I was a cook for 5 years for the elderly and shut in’s.

  4. The Bishop says:

    It seems very logical from someone who has made a pre-confession of future gluttony.

  5. Jaynie says:

    I feel the exact same way I love the food network, really I could watch it all day. It’s so bad the girls say, mom Rachel Ray is on and she making 30 minute meals. I think I have a sickness.

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