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Superbowl Commercials

Posted: February 3, 2008 in sports

Holy Cow…GIANTS WIN!!!  What an incredible game.  Excellent ending.  The Giant’s defensive was brilliant!  Right on Eli!!

Top Eleven Favorite Superbowl Commercials:

11.  Amp’d – Nipple battery recharger

10.  Bud Light – Fire Breather

9.  Budweiser – Rocky Horse

8.  Pepsi Max – Bobbing head/sleeping people

7.  Bridgestone Tire Commercials – screaming animals & Richard Simmons

6.  E-Trade Baby Commercials – puking & renting a clown

5.  Pepsi– Justin Timberlake

4.  Life Water – Thriller Lizards

3.  Tide to Go – Silence the Stain

2.  Planter’s Cashews – Unibrow ugly girl

and the best commercial of this year’s Super Bowl….

1.  Doritos’ – mouse trap!!!!!

What was your favorite? 


Super Bowl Food

Posted: February 3, 2008 in Family, sports

Sitting here in my living room with my family – got a fire going – about to watch the Super Bowl (just an intimate affair with the family).  We are rooting for the Giants (go Eli) over the Patriots (boo…”butt-chin”…I mean Tom Brady – although I’m not sure my wife is whole-hearted in her rooting against “butt-chin” Brady).

Food on hand:

  • Little Smokey’s wrapped in bacon with brown-sugar sprinkled on top!
  • Home-made chocolate chip cookies.
  • Chips with Chili’s queso dip (we have the receipe) and ranch dressing.

I plan on eating until I feel sick.

WOW!!!  Just heard Jordin Sparks sing the National Anthem…HOLY SCHMOKES!!!  That was incredible!