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I Love Sundays!

Posted: February 4, 2008 in Living Stones Church, vision, worship

Yesterday morning was a blast!!!  We kicked off our new Get in the Game message Series.  We began yesterday’s conversation with the mission and vision of the Living Stones Church.  Besides talking about myself 🙂 I can’t think of anything I enjoy talking about more than the mission and vision of the Living Stones Church.  It truly gets my heart pumping…my spirit excited…my nerves cut on edge…I love it!!!  There was quite a laughfestgoing on at the beginning of the service.  One person later told me they hadn’t laughed that much in a long time…she considered it a “church bonding experience.” 

A few highlights from yesterday:

  • Band started with the song “All-Star” – it was great!
  • My joke seemed to be a hit (and a reflection of Living Stones Church humor).  I wanted everyone to know that the federal government has issued a warning against the negative side effects of swallowing your bubble gum…and then I showed this picture:
  • We had an opening skit/drama of people who were excited about the mission/vision of Living Stones Church.  It began with Amy Osterhout enthusiastically showing her LSC spirit.  Randy  one-uped her by coming in with a foam finger and face paint.  Jayne Romer one-uped him by coming in with a cheerleader outfit and giving a hearty LSC cheer.  But none of them could beat Tate Gerndt’s enthusiasm as he came in to reveal he had shaved and then painted LSC into his chest hair!!  Way to take one for the team!  Careful for the chest bumps with Randy Romer!
  • Great turnout…our space is getting a little more tight (don’t worry…we’ll make more room!)
  • Best tithes & offerings of the year!!  This church is awesome!  By the way – if you didn’t get your Money Matters @ Living Stones Church 2008 CD – pick it up this coming Sunday.  Lots of information in regards to our vision & budget.
  • Got to share the story of the Living Stones Church (next week is our 2nd year anniversary as the Living Stones Church).
  • First time guests!!!  I love them…awesome.
  • Great worship!
  • Great Waterboy clip as a bump to the message (although I messed up the timing!)
  • Great prayer opportunities and ministry going on after church!
  • Getting to lead and be with a church that I absolutely love!