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NT Wright on Heaven

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Fantastic Time interview with NT Wright on wrong Christian interpretations or understandings of heaven.  Very good.  You can read it here.


Post Sunday Thoughts

Posted: February 11, 2008 in Living Stones Church

Yesterday was our TWO YEAR anniversary as the LIVING STONES CHURCH!!!!!!

 I can’t tell you how many times I say to my wife, “Man…I just love our church!!!!”  And how many times I say… “I just like everyone at our church!!”  I feel like I say it all THE TIME.  We are always mentioning someone that we saw or talked to…and I end the sentence with… “I just really like them!”  Happened yesterday evening (for the millionth) time… I went to Blockbuster to rent some movies and who did I see there?  Glenn & Denise Hammerquist.  I came home and told Kelly I saw Glenn & Denise and how does the sentence end?….”I really like them!” 

I know you are probably thinking this is all so “emo – touchy feely.”  I know.  I get it.  Don’t worry – after I’m done blogging I’m going to watch some Ultimate Fighting Championship to get out of this sentimental state.  It just doesn’t feel like me at all.  I’m really quite an irritable person.  I just DON’T normally like everyone.  It’s a patience thing.  I’m sure that is bad to say…but it is true.  And when I think about the Living Stones Church and all of the people who are coming I keep saying over and over… “I just really like them.”  I think I’m in love 🙂

In spite of the weather (which was bad!!!) we had more people than I would have guessed (even though our attendance took a definitive nosedive!!).  But even more impressive was the number of 1st time guests who were there!!  It was freezing!!  VERY IMPRESSIVE!

Other highlights:

  • handed out new picture directory
  • band played the song – Centerfield (baseball spring training was the backdrop for our conversation on community in our message series – Get in the Game).  They were great!
  • Living Stones Church “diamond girls” threw out hostess cup cakes to celebrate our two year anniversary.
  • Sandlot video clip as a bump to the message… “You play like a girl….”  classic
  • Hot coffee.  Did I mention how freezing it was?
  • I’m in my new office!!  (pictures to follow)
  • Announced that there is going to be a luau partyfor 20-30s (seems to be fastest growing demographic at LSC now-a-days).  Afterwards a “40-something-year old” wanted to know about their party.  He suggested we announce next week that the 40-50 somethings will have a party at Honker’s restaurant starting at 4:30 p.m. so they can all get to bed at a descent hour! 🙂

Stranded at Home

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It is FREEZING!!!!  Seriously cold.  I am so sick of the winter.  I’m begging you God…please send Spring!!  My 1996 Toyota Camry won’t start (weather)…my kids are all home from school (weather)…my wife went to work.  I’m stranded at home.