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American Idol

Posted: February 12, 2008 in Culture

I’m a Josiah Leming (18 year old dude living in his car!) fan.  Rough final audition – but there is something about him that I think is great.  Great changes this season to the format.

Also love Carly Smithson (Irish girl with tattoos) and Asia’H Epperson (father passed away just prior to opening auditions).

Looks like an exciting season!!

Anyone have a favorite?


Leadership Quotes

Posted: February 12, 2008 in Leadership

“To be decisive and proactive, we often need to act long before we’re convinced we’re doing the right thing.  Effective managers are labeled effective, not necessarily because of the number of correct decisions they make, but because they can make decisions, period.”

-Arleen LaBella & Dolores Leach

 “At its core, leadership involves movement either of people or ideas.  Inherent in movement is change.  And every effective leader needs to recognize that things do not remain the same.  Not ever.”

-John Baldoni