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I’m Not Above an Affair

Posted: February 13, 2008 in Discipleship, Uncategorized

It seems like recently I have heard of several ministers having to step down from their present duties because of some behavior that has caused them to either presently disqualify themselves from ministry or their behavior requires such urgent and immediate attention that continuing in full-time ministry is no longer wise or possible. 

I remember one time in my undergraduate studies that a chapel speaker got up one time and announced, “I am not above an affair.”¬† It was shocking when he said it.¬† But then he explained why it was true.¬† Furthermore, he explained how it wasn’t just true for him, but it was true for all of us.

I have seen in my life people that I would have never guessed would have been capable of having an affair (or whatever other sin).  Good people.  Godly people.  People that I love and look up to.  But when the right conditions of frustration, anger, resentment, bitterness, and unfelt emotional needs come into proximity with a particular opportunity, temptation, and/or timing Рthe results can be devastating.  In one moment Рa life time of work wiped out.

And no one is above it.¬† While there are sins that I know my heart¬†is especially¬†drawn to;¬†there are¬†others…not so much…but I have to continually remind myself often – that I’m not above¬†ANY sin.¬† And that given the right (or wrong) life situation and circumstance – who knows where I could find myself or¬†what I might be doing?¬† In fact, it is because I know my heart so well – that I’m always amazed at how good God is to hold my heart in his hands and not allow what I know to be in it, out.¬† He has always protected others and fenced in what would be devastating to come out.¬† At the same time I trust he is in perpetual¬†process of dealing with what is¬†in it!¬†

These stories of ministers stepping down (as tragic as they are) have always had a redemptive aspect for me.¬† These stories always serve as prophetic reminders and warnings to me – to be vigilant and aware of my own heart and behavior – for what they have done is not above me.¬† And given any number of variables – I might find myself in the same place.¬† Thus, I am dependent on God’s protection and grace to “lead me not to temptation…” and to make wide open whatever door is necessary for me to escape those variables.

I’m not above an affair (or any other sin).¬† I figured it was better to say that today than tomorrow on Valentine’s Day – sorry dear. ūüôā¬† And it is O.K. for me (and you) to admit that.¬† It is when we think we are above such a behavior that we are most in trouble!