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Tomorrow is the Daytona 500.  But more important than that – it is the third week of our series Get in the Game.  Tomorrow’s message – “Pit Crew:  Volunteerism and Using Our Gifts.”  Start your engines…


Jumper & Spiderwick Chronicles

Posted: February 16, 2008 in Movies

I got to see TWO movies this weekend.  The first was Jumper:

This movie was in one word – S – T – U – P – I – D!!!  I wished that I could “jump” out of the theater into another movie!  It took 20 minutes to even begin anything that resembled a storyline, it gave no explanation as to why people could “jump,” who the enemy was, why they were at war, etc.  LAME!!!

The second was the Spiderwick Chronicles:

Very good story.  Excellent movie.  A little intense for kids probably under the age of 8 or 9 and one of the kids says, “What the h_ll?”  Was unnecessary and a stupid line.  But I really enjoyed the movie.

The Living Stones Church has some seriously awesome visionary plans for 2008.  If you haven’t picked up your Money Matters @ the Living Stones Church 2008 CD you can get it this Sunday.  If you haven’t listened to it – LISTEN TO IT!!! 🙂

We outlined five areas of direction we plan on moving forward in in 2008:

  1. Children (vision & space)
  2. Social Justice
  3. Biblical knowledge
  4. Stewardship & Money (personal & as a church)
  5. Christ Formed in You (the processes of spiritual transformation)

Some of the above visionary directions require NO money.  Others do.  We are determined as a church to spend only what we have coming in (you have to do that within your family, we should have to do it within our church ).  Therefore, we have set a budget based on the weekly average of 2007

Even though all of our ministries have been allocated a budget (which is less than what they were hoping for), we have still asked our ministry leaders to submit what they were hoping for in 2008 with their plans of allocation.  We have put together their requests and want to offer three goals in regards to 2008 and our budget:

1.  Phase 1:  Fund entirely all that our ministry leaders have requested for 2008.

2.  Phase 2:  Completely renovate the south end of the church building as an exclusive children’s wing.

3.  Phase 3:  Place ourselves in position to hire two-part time staff members to keep up with our growth patterns.

Now – here is the deal.  As we break down all the numbers with all the family units who have said they were “ALL IN” at the Living Stones Church it comes up to this:  $4 – $7 – and $12!!!!  Let me explain:

If every family unit who has declared themselves “ALL IN” at Living Stones would increase their weekly giving by just $4 (less than the cost of one Venti drink at Starbucks!) we would be able to fund entirely EVERY request of our ministry leaders.

If every family unit would increase their weekly giving by just $7 (the cost of a #2 double cheesburger large combo at Wendy’s!) we would be able to not only fund entirely EVERY request of our ministry leaders BUT ALSO move forward with a NEW CHILDREN’S WING!!!!

If every family unit would increase their weekly giving by just $12 (the cost of two people at CiCi’s pizza – which really isn’t very good pizza 🙂 ) we would be able to do ALL THREE – fully fund all ministries, move forward with the children’s wing, and put ourselves in position to hire two-part time staff.

Prayerfully consider it!  I know for most $4 doesn’t seem like much.  But when added with a whole bunch of others, it becomes all that is necessary.  And together we will see some AWESOME THINGS transpire in 2008!!!!!  God is good!!!