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Yesterday’s message is now online!

You can check it out here:


The weather cooperated and we saw 100 more people at Living Stones Church yesterday than the week before.  Very fun day.  Highlights include:

  • Having the second highest attendance in Living Stones Church history (only Easter 2007 was more).
  • A BUNCH of 1st time guests.  Loved it.  Note to any 1st time guests: if you enjoyed yesterday, bring your friends and family this coming Sunday 🙂
  • Time to bring out ALL the chairs we own (probably include taking out window in “cry room” and converting room to a coffee bar/donuts area so we can squeeze more chairs in.
  • Opening NASCAR drama with David Kneip, Amy & Mark Osterhout, Glenn & Denise Hammerquist, Jaynie Romer, and Tate Gerndt.  Very funny.  Favorite scene – Amy in “pit stop” having shoes replaced!
  • Actually preached a sermon that used NASCAR as the backdrop for church life.  Oh man…didn’t learn that in graduate school :-).  Check out the podcast blog soon to hear the message if you missed it.
  • Our offering yesterday continued to put us in position to accomplish all three phases of our vision – 4 – 7 – 12!  Dear Living Stones Church – whatever you are doing…keep doing it!!  You are awesome!
  • Loved the Talladega Nights bump prior to message.
  • Great video Doug Harsch put together illustrating the need for everyone to get in the game because one person can’t do it alone.  It was fantastic.  Doug has excellent video/special effects skills.  Here is the video:
  • After church went on a van ride around the South side of South Bend with our REEF team to see if we couldn’t discern what Jesus is doing on the South side of South Bend.
  • Later in the afternoon had a planning meeting for our message series that will begin on Easter.  Oh man…I’m excited.
  • Ryan Newman FROM SOUTH BEND won the Daytona 500.
  • Ann Lynn has agreed to step in for Jennae Gee in April when she leaves for maternity leave.  Whew…!!  PRAISE JESUS!
  • Baby dedication:  Introduced Adrian Robert William Bucholtz to the church yesterday.  I love the little babies. 
  • Halfway through the service, the Hootons who had a babygirl THIS WEEK!!!! (Dana is one tough chic) walked in with … little Kailee Ann.  So pretty! 
  • Our children’s area yesterday was packed!!!!  Good job volunteers!!
  • Randy Templeton reminded us at communion that we have been invited to Jesus’ banquet table by grace, but used an empty chair to remind us that so have the thousands of people who live around us and challenged us to make sure they know they have been invited!
  • Ran out of grape juice during communion and had to make an emergency pit stop for more….sorry about that! 
  • Luau announcement (this Saturday at 6:00 p.m.) with REAL tikki torches – good job Lynette Miller and Kristen Harris!
  • Culver’s Restaurant is coming to the South side of South Bend!!  Butterburgers!

WELL…it was a good morning.  Very exciting.  I can’t wait to see what God has in store over the next few months.  Something is stirring…and I don’t think it is just my digestive tract 🙂