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Bring Your Friends!

Posted: February 19, 2008 in Living Stones Church, vision

Every tan chair we own is now out in the auditorium/Quarry and thanks to David Kneip’s engineering abilities – it looks great!¬† Very exciting.¬† Now – let’s fill them all up! Feel free to invite your friends and family.¬† We now have space available.

P.S.¬† For all of you “ALL-INers” at the Living Stones Church.¬†¬†Would you consider sitting in¬†the available seats in the front?¬† If we can fill in those areas it would free up some space for people to sit in the back.¬† Did you see Sunday?¬† Wow!!¬†


O.K.¬† I’m a HUGE Logan’s Roadhouse fan.¬† I have invested a lot of money into seeing that they stay open on the South Side :-).¬† I’m still a Logan’s fan…BUT…I think I like Texas Roadhouse better.¬† I know…I know!!

It’s the meat.¬† Big fan of meat.¬† And Texas Roadhouse has some killer meat!!!¬† Their 8 or 11 ounce sirloin…HELLO!!!¬† Their mushrooms, their ribs, their sides (I had a sweet potato with caramel sauce and marshmallows!!!…oh man!).

Things I still like about Logan’s better:

  1. Their rolls
  2. Their honey mustard dressing on my salad
  3. I can throw peanut shells on the floor
  4. They can accommodate larger parties better than Texas Roadhouse

Other than that…I think I’m a HUGE Texas Roadhouse fan!