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C3 Conference Part 3

Posted: February 22, 2008 in conferences

Today was a great day.  The morning began with Tommy Barnett from Phoenix First (and the Dream Center in LA).  Excellent sermon from a seasoned pastor (56 years of pastoring) who gave a message dedicated to all Pastors who have ever felt like quitting.  Here are a few quotes:

  • “If you’ve ever wanted to quit, you’re in good company.  All of the heroes of the faith felt the same way.”
  • “Ministry burns in the bones.  When you are in it, you want out; if you are out, you want back in.”
  • “Wanting to quit is a sign of success.  Only successful people have something to quit.”
  • “The more you have to quit, the more you want to quit.”
  • “You can enjoy the luxury of wanting to quit if you know you aren’t going to quit.”
  • “No one should ever enter into the ministry because of a burden – but only a call.”
  • “Every time someone quits my church I want to: 1) quit too; 2) beat them up; and 3) commit to go on.” (he was funny)
  • “I’ve been asked if I ever felt like quitting on my wife.  My answer is, “no,” “but I’ve wanted to kill her!”  I might be a killer, but I’m not a quitter.”
  • “You won’t quit if you do the following: 1) burn every bridge (way to go back because forward is too difficult) behind you; 2) don’t tell anyone you want to quit when you want to quit (they may take you up on it); 3) don’t hang out with people you don’t want to be like; and 3) lock yourself in so that you can’t quit.”
  • “A mind made up isn’t nearly as strong as a heart that is fixed.”
  • “Great men are just ordinary men who wouldn’t quit.”

Loved this man of God.  His stories reflected a passion for the world’s hurting.  Amazing stories of ministry and life changes.

After Tommy Barnett came Bishop T.D. Jakes from the Potter’s House.  I have to say – HANDS DOWN – T. D. Jakes is my FAVORITE communicator.  His messages are so anointed and amazing.  I find him to be one of the most powerful preachers I’ve ever heard.  Every time I hear him I think, “How in the world did he do that?!!”  I started to take notes but I couldn’t.  I was captured by what he said and I just wanted to listen!

 Other Highlights:

  • California Kitchen pizza – the Works – followed by a Key Lime Pie slice as a chaser.
  • Purchased a new t-shirt.  Preachers preach – singers sing 🙂
  • Went to two breakout sessions – Worship & Volunteers/Assimilation
  • Took enough video footage of the children’s wing here that I could publish my own video!

After the Get in the Game message series – we begin a three week message series entitled, The Art of Invitation:  Package, Message, & Delivery.  It is going to be good!

C3 Conference Part 2

Posted: February 22, 2008 in conferences

Long, but good day at the C3 Conference.  Here are a few more highlights from the afternoon/evening:

  • Ed Young, Jr. talked two sessions this morning on betrayal and what he has walked through in regards to being betrayed as a leader.  One story in particular that almost “broke the back of Fellowship Church” some 11 years ago.  Shocking!
  • Catered Senior Pastor’s lunch and further conversations on leadership struggles with Ed & Lisa Young.
  • Afternoon session with Mac Richard and Perry Noble.  Excellent talks.  Perry is one of the funniest dudes I’ve listened to with a powerful and serious point sure to follow.
  • Finished up with Brian Houston of Hillsong Church in Sydney, Australia.  Excellent talks (gave one in afternoon and one in evening session).
  • Worship was great…

O.K…now for my “non-spiritual” highlights:

  • 20 – minute chair massage from Rita a Professional Massage Therapist!  They had this last year at the conference too.  A relaxation roomwith all sorts of stuff (bean bags…called FATBOYS…very appropriate) including – professional massage therapists to help pastors relax!!!!  Unbelievable.  Suffering for the Kingdom….
  • The men’s bathrooms at Fellowship Church are some of the nicest smelling bathrooms I’ve ever been in (isn’t that crazy?!)
  • They had river rocks as decor in the men’s bathroom sinks with all sorts of fancy soaps, etc.
  • Went to the Bass Pro Shop…felt a surge of testosterone
  • Ate a 2/3 lb. three cheese burger at Fuddruckers (be careful how you say that 🙂 )for dinner (love the cheeseburgers)
  • Did I mention GPS?  Awesome!

Tired…conference fatigue setting in.  Here are a few pictures.  I’m going to bed: