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Exercise/Diet Confessional

Posted: February 25, 2008 in Confession, Diet

Went to the gym today.  I wonder if the fitness staff giggles when I walk in.

2008, in regards to diet and exercise, thus far has been in one word – INCONSISTENT!!!

A have a few good weeks exercising and eating great and then a few weeks of TOTALLY blowing it!!  And I am an “all or nothing” sort of dude.  When I’m in – I’ll workout daily, eat healthy food with obsessive clarity, etc.  But when I’m out – I’m talking NO exercise (or anything that might resemble physical activity – except remote control flipping) and Cheese Fries as if today might be the last day to ever eat them!

So…I have to think of something to keep me focused.  I’m thinking about imposing upon myself a penalty if I don’t reach my goals.  I’m thinking about forcing myself to post a picture on this blog of me at my top weight with my shirt off (which I have)!!  Trust me – I don’t want to do that…and you don’t want to see it. 

So, to my friends who care about me – when you see the donut in my hand – slap it out!!!  Come on and help a brother out!

The podcast of yesterday’s message is now available on-line.  Unfortunately, only half of it was recorded 😦 . But if you would like to listen to the last half it is available here.