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Church Signs

Posted: February 28, 2008 in Church

Do you think it is possible that the goofy marquee messages on church signs could actually be keeping people FROM COMING to church?  I think the Kingdom of God would be better off without marquee church signs. 

  • God reads “knee-mail”
  • CH_RCH – the only thing missing is U
  • Feel taken for granted?  Imagine how God feels.
  • Turn or burn…  (I prefer shake n’ bake)
  • Our church is better than your church
  • Wal-Mart is not the only saving place
  • Read the Bible – it will scare the hell out of you
  • Under Same Management for 2000 years
  • Members expected; guests welcomed
  • If you have a tattoo or a nipple piercing…STAY OUT! (O.K…I’ve not actually seen that one 🙂 )

Leaving the Faith of Your Youth

Posted: February 28, 2008 in Church, Culture, faith

A new study published by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life was released a couple of days ago that interviewed 35,000 adults to document the American religious landscape.  Some very interesting findings:

  • 44% of American adults have left the faith of their childhood for another faith, another Protestant tradition, or no affiliation whatsoever.
  • Mainline Protestant denominations are in decline, non-denominational churches are gaining and the ranks of the unaffiliated are growing.
  • Those who say they are not affiliated with any particular faith has more than doubled with the greatest demographic block being men and young adults (18-29 years of age).
  • Ironically, those who said they had no faith affiliation as a child, the majority NOW identify with a particular religious group. (interesting)
  • The U.S. is about to lose its status as a majority Protestant nation, at 51% and slipping.
  • The largest denominational loss is found in the Catholic Church.  The statistics don’t bear out as much because of immigration, but it is estimated that 10% of the American population would be considered ex-Catholic.  1/3rd of American Catholics have defected since their childhood.  [I wonder what that percentage would be in such a Catholic stronghold as South Bend, IN].
  • While most evangelical churches that are growing want to reach the “unchurched,” statistically, it looks like they are actually reaching the “dechurched” (individuals who were raised in a church and at some point in their life quit going.)
  • The Midwest, statistically, is the most acurate reflection of the US stats overall (interesting).
  • The largest growing Protestant churches are among the ranks of nondenominational (yea!) churches while Baptist and Methodists are showing net losses.

Do these statistics reflect your experience?

American Idol – Kady Malloy

Posted: February 28, 2008 in American Idol

Didn’t think the girls on American Idol tonight were all that great.  A lot of disappointments for me.  I was hoping for good things for the Janice Joplin Hoosier – Amanda Overmyer…but ouch.

I like Carly Smithson (Irish tattoo girl).  I’m not sure it was her best performance but I think one of my favorites might be Kady Malloy.  Kady sings opera!!  She can imitate celebs…