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School Transitions

Posted: February 29, 2008 in Family

Well…today was Isaac’s last day at his present school.  Kelly and I have taken him out of his private school to homeschool him for the final three months of the 6th grade.

 We received good news today that he has been accepted into LaSalle Intermediate Academy (public magnet school) in the Fall!  We are thrilled!!!  My younger two children transferred to public schools (which they/we have loved) last month. 

We have taken them out of an Independent Fundamentalist Baptist School…that in an effort to preserve their anonymity I have encrypted their name… *ommunity *aptist *hristian *chool 🙂

They won’t let Isaac continue in the school next year.  We aren’t Fundamental Baptists enough.  Even though he makes straight “A’s,” is on the “Pastor’s List” every quarter, not a behavioral problem, and clearly the best looking kid in the school – they won’t let him return.  Not Fundamentalist Baptist enough.

Truth is…I was feeling uncomfortable with him being there too.  I’m just not Fundamentalist Baptist enough.  Different emphases.

I really do like the Principal, Pastor French.  He’s a great guy with a great spirit.  We met yesterday and I told him why we were taking Isaac out of school.  He blessed us by stating we were on the “same team” and we would “see each other in heaven.”

Just seems weird to be on the “same team,” but have their Senior Pastor say “you can’t play on our field anymore after the 6th grade.”  Maybe its Isaac’s tattoos?!

Oh well.  I find comfort in the reality that Isaac’s probability of going to Bob Jones University dropped considerably! 

Happy Leap Day

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Happy February 29th.  Once every four years!  Thanks Pope Gregory for the calendar mishap!

Celebrate at McDonalds!  Free McSkillet Burritos today (delicious).

Any one’s birthday today?