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AT&T vs. Comcast

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Kelly had her meeting with the “Escalation Committee” at AT&T.

Result:  Good-bye AT&T…come Tuesday…Hello Comcast!

Now:  faster internet connection, more HD channels, no more “rabbit ear” antennas for HD local channels, cheaper prices (at least for a year 🙂 ), a happier wife, Disney Channel in HD, and Spike TV remains intact for UFC, and another American family…fat, lazy, and stupid…sitting in front of their TVs! 🙂

Take Care of Your Pests

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It is Spring time.  More little insects are crawling around…including in your house maybe?..

If so, let me recommend 3-B Pest Control.  (You can find them in the Michiana Yellow Pages) Jim is the man!  We use them at the church and he came out and sprayed my house yesterday.  The dude is awesome.

Just sharing the love…

Anyone have any critters roaming around the house?  We started to get those massive ants that look like the size of dogs!

[This post has not been paid for, donated, or requested by 3-B Pest Control.  This is not a paid advertisement, but rather a “share the love” post!]

OK…finally, a music genre that I can TOTALLY support and get into – NEIL DIAMOND!!!  Does it get any better than that?  Now we get to see what kind of talent these singers really have…

Neil Diamond…the memories…sniff sniff 😦  – the size of those ears…it is fantastico!! (Spanish for “fantastic”)

  • Jason Castro – Song #1 – A little better than OK…I’m still for you…Forever in Blue Jeans (I happen to be wearing a pair right now!  Coincidence…I don’t think so!!!); Song #2 – “Another just OK”…I agree with that.
  • David Cook– Song #1 – OK…seemed a little too guttural for me (seemed too much like a Neil Diamond wannabe rather than just being himself singing Neil Diamond); Song #2 – His half open eyes get on my nerves after awhile…just fall asleep already (I know I’m being picky).  Second song better.
  • Brooke White– Song #1 – ohhh…that was bad…wrong key…WAY TOO low…now I’m not sure I believe (get it? she sang I’m a Believer).  “That was her worst ever.” – Kelly Barrington  “Yikes” – Isaac Barrington (and Julliard School of Music Student); Song #2 – (she wrote the lyric on her hand?!) I liked it…very good!  Stay there Brooke that is where you belong.
  • David Arculeta – Song #1 – I heard this same song (and just as good) on a cruise ship karaoke night just a few months ago.; Song #2 – (This is my favorite Neil Diamond song) Way too smooth (and I don’t mean that positively) and too many runs and vibrato…come on dude…this is Neil Diamond!!!  This is like a High School class choir presentation.
  • Syesha Mercado – Song #1 – (Hello Again…oh…a classic) I wasn’t wowed.  A few high notes seemed wrong.  Where are her shoes?; Song #2 – boring.

Other comments:

Is Paula drunk?

Simon got it EXACTLY right after the first round!

I bet if Carly Smithson was still in the competition she would have really sung some awesome Neil Diamond tunes…it’s too bad…

Who’s going home tomorrow?  Brooke (Isaac); Syesha (Kelly); Syesha (Sam…always agree with the wife)

The second week of our Ancient/Future Faith series is now on-line.  This week’s message is on the long tradition of communion.  You can find the message here.

Yard Work

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I have serious yard work to do today.  I hate yard work!  Everyone around me has raked, mowed, etc.  To avoid code enforcement I should probably take care of my yard today.

O.K.  I shared last week an anonymous letter I received from “Concerned Christians.”  You can read it here.  This week I have received another.  I thought I would share with you the Barack bashing:

Dear Pastor:  We write as a follow-up to our letter of April 4th, concerning current events that threaten the foundations of our Christian nation (wow…serious assumption right there).  We will quote, verbatim, from a town hall meeting held at Hocking College, Nelsonville, Ohio on March 2nd – so that you can see for yourself the character of person that could be our next President:

“I don’t think my church is particularly controversial.  It’s a member of the United Church of Christ.  It’s got a choir (sweet).  We read scriptures (very nice).  You would feel at home if you were there (do you serve coffee and donuts?).  Jeremiah Wright has said some controversial things, calling for divestment of South Africa and things like that and he thinks it’s important for us to focus on what’s happening in Africa, and I agree with him on that.  I think what you may be referring to probably has to do with two issues, which is abortion and gay marriage.  Which has become, I think, how people measure faith in the evangelical community, and, you know, I think that there are genuine differences of opinion in this area.  I will tell you that I don’t believe in gay marriage.  But I do think that people who are gay and lesbian should be treated with dignity and respect and that the state should not discriminate against them.  I believe in civil unions that allow a same-sex couple to visit each other in the hospital or transfer property to each other.  I don’t think that it should be called marriage, but I think that it is a legal right that they should have that is recognized by the state.  (author of letter bolded last sentence) If people find that controversial, then I would refer them to the Sermon on the Mount, which I think, you know, is in my mind, for my faith, more central than an obscure passage in Romans.”

For a professing Christian to manipulate and denigrate the Holy Scriptures is apostate in character.  When what is apostate in character seeks the most powerful office in the Western World, it is the duty of Christians everywhere to sound the alarm!

With sincerity,

From Concerned Christians


  • I’m not a Barack Obama supporter.  I’m not a Barack Obama hater either.  But why is this ALL about Barack Obama.  Has anyone asked about Hillary Clinton’s views?  What about John McCains?
  • “Apostate”?!  Is Barack running for Pope, for Bishop, for some religious office?
  • Do you know what Thomas Jefferson did to the Bible?  Has anyone ever heard of the Jeffersonian Bible?  He didn’t believe in the possibility of miracles, so he literally cut them out of his Bible.
  • Many of the earliest founding fathers of our country were Deists who would hold “apostate” views of Scripture in the eyes of many and yet we celebrate them as some of the great leaders of our country’s history.
  • Is our standard of for the Presidency someone who interprets the Bible in the same manner and same hermeneutic as “Concerned Christians?”
  • If “Concerned Christians” don’t want to vote for Barack Obama because of his interpretive views of Scripture, then by all means…don’t vote for him…but please don’t contend it is the “duty of Christians everywhere to sound the alarm!”  The alarm of what?!  Barack doesn’t see the Bible like I do.


Back On-Line with AT&T

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Man!!  Had no internet at the house or at the church (we use AT&T…for now….keep reading) and according to the paper this morning, someone tried to steal some scrap metal and ended up cutting out internet service to the AT&T internet subscribers in South Bend and surrounding area.  NO internet from about 2:00 p.m until (who knows when)…but at least back on by 5:30 a.m. this morning!

Speaking of AT&T…we use them at the house for internet, phone, TV, etc.  We have a horrific story of our experience with AT&T.  Seriously…it has brought my wife to tears (and she is like Zena, Warrior Princess tough).  It was so bad that yesterday an AT&T employee at the business office agreed that we have been treated so badly by the company that she arranged a meeting with my wife with their “Escalation Committee” by phone today.  What an “Escalation Committee” is…I have no idea…but it sounds serious.  So…we’ll see how this ends.  Needless to say…our experience with AT&T thus far as been HORRIFIC!!!  Maybe today that will change.

A Big Thank You

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Just wanted to shout out a huge THANK YOU to the Living Stones Church for your generosity and support of the mission and vision of the Living Stones Church.

At the beginning of 2008, after a few years of spending beyond what we had coming in, we set a 2008 budget based on the total giving amount for 2007 (oh yea…it hurt!).  The consequence of that was cuts in areas of ministry that we really wanted to see take place. 😦

We then challenged the church with three mission phases that we had hoped to accomplish – and could – if each family unit gave either $4, $7, or $12 more per week.  They were:


  • Phase One:  ($4) Total funding of the budgets our ministry leader’s had requested going into 2008 and prior to any cuts.
  • Phase Two: ($7) – [in addition to funding total ministry budgets] Being able to renovate the south end of our building into an exclusive children’s wing.
  • Phase Three: ($12) – [in addition to funding total ministry budgets and children’s wing] Putting ourselves into position to hire two-part time staff people to help us accommodate the changing dynamics and needs of growth (very good problem!!)

After completing the 1st quarter of the year – not only have we blown through phase one, we have surpassed phase two, and are on average only $74 per week shy of passing phase three.

THAT IS AWESOME!!!  So, here is the deal – after revising the church’s budget to reflect the level of generosity and response to our challenge – effective immediately we are:

  • Fully funding all of the ministry budgets that were requested going into 2008!
  • Preparing to move forward with the renovation of the children’s wing (this will still require time to gather prints, designs, quotes, bids, and strategic implementation etc.)
  • And have put us into a position to strategically think about staffing possibilities and needs …

As the above so well illustrates – every bit counts!  I know many people feel like they can’t give a BUNCH of money…but have committed to at least giving an additional $4, $7, or $12.  And what I can say is – YOU HAVE MADE A HUGE DIFFERENCE.

Now…for the bean counters among us that are nervous about this declaration and the potential for people to ease up on their generosity (and you know who you are 🙂 )  let me throw in this last admonition: 

NOW THAT WE ARE MOVING FORWARD, YOUR GENEROSITY IS NEEDED NOW MORE THAN EVER!  We are moving forward not because we have reached a total dollar amount, but rather on the assumption of a continued (or increasing) level of generosity that has been evident over the past three months.

Living Stones Church – you are awesome!!

It is my obligation as a minister of God to proclaim that American Idol is from the Devil and anyone who wants to be serious about following Jesus should not watch and/or support it. 

I might feel differently if America had voted Carly Smithson on to the next round.

But…America didn’t…so, now…prepare for what I expect to be the coming wrath of God 🙂

Didn’t Carly sing about Jesus?  Oh yea…proof… I sense a conspiracy born in hell.

Big news here in the office…Jennae Gee, Administrative Assistant of the Living Stones Church gave birth this morning to a healthy baby girl – Arleigh Hope Gee.  She weighed 7 lbs. even.  Mom and baby are doing great!

Congratulations to Steve & Jennae Gee, big sister, Lyrica, and the WHOLE GEE AND WILEY CLAN!

Ann Lynn has taken over the reigns for Jennae in the office.  It is like watching a Presidential administration handing off power to the incoming administration.  Very awesome to behold!