Needing Some Prayers for Miranda Mayes

Posted: May 19, 2008 in Uncategorized

Got a call from Kelly today informing me that Miranda Mayes has had a relapse in regards to leukemia.  I first mentioned her last July here.

Miranda is going back to the hospital for a month.  Please pray for her and Jason…right now…seriously…just stop and do it now!  Thanks.

God is not afraid of leukemia.  He isn’t overwhelmed by it.  He isn’t shocked, overpowered, bewildered, confused, or inferior by or to it.  So, let’s ask him to obliterate it with the name that is more powerful than leukemia…Jesus Christ.

  1. Melissa says:

    I glad He isn’t because I am. I went to see her today and she’s doing well; taking it in stride. Cancer sucks, but her faith in the face of it is inspiring. Her smile is pure sunshine. I am SO blessed to have her in my life and am honored to call her my friend. She and Jason are amazing people. They’re good stuff.

  2. SamDowls says:

    My prayers for Miranda and Jason …
    Cancer DOES suck. My father called me Friday with a cancer diagnosis .. and all I could do was look around and say “what is going ON here!?” .. Thank you Sam.. for reminding me that God isnt intimidated by I wont be either.

  3. Memaw says:

    With each trial and tribulation we experience can make our faith stronger and lets us realize what kind of “stuff” we’re made of. Miranda and Jason are made of that good, “stuff”and has a strong personal relationship with our Christ, who will see them through this crisis, too. Prayers get results and helps to move that “mountain”. So, keep them coming!

  4. scmiller says:

    They are in my prayers too. I am confident that you folks will bathe this young lady in prayer and personal support. I suspect that is the practice of the body at Living Stones.

  5. kathy says:

    Miranda beams with SONSHINE **** she is the real DEAL! … and what satan means for harm God will turn it around for His Glory!

    With even a mustard seed of Faith the Mountain Moves…..


  6. Emily says:

    I miss her soooo much!!! I’m praying she gets well soon.

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