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To Whomever Fraudulently charged $1985.88 to my credit card on:

INT’L BAR ASSOCIATION LONDON GBR                     $1200.00

ALM/SRI/REALSHARE EVEN   NY                                $195.00


I plan on hunting you down and finding you.  And when I do…I’m going to introduce you to Jesus.  And I don’t mean I’m going to share the gospel with you…I mean I’m literally going to introduce you to Jesus…prepare for the afterlife my friend… 🙂

VBS Painting Party

Posted: June 30, 2008 in Uncategorized

In preparation for our Power Lab VBS there will be a painting party…oh yea…it’s a party today from 5:00 – 9:00 p.m. up at the church.

Bring your painting clothes and prepare to PARTY!!

P.S.  If you haven’t signed your kids (or your neighbor’s kids, or your co-worker’s kids, or complete stranger’s kids…OK…maybe not “complete” strangers) up for VBS yet, go to and do so now!  First 10 registrations win a free college education!

Picnic Pictures

Posted: June 30, 2008 in Living Stones Church

We had our first 2008 Living Stones Church summer picnic yesterday afternoon:

  1. Everyone seemed to like St. Patrick’s Park…even over Potato Creek.
  2. My wife forgot about the bucket of Martin’s Fried Chicken in our van so after the picnic…A WHOLE BUCKET OF CHICKEN went uneaten!
  3. Weather was perfect…for about an hour…and then we got some cooler winds and rain (not bad though).
  4. Softball game was fun…had a rain delay after an inning and a half.
  5. Great turnout.
  6. Plenty of food…tons of 2 liters of soda.

Picnic ON!

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Looks like a great afternoon for a picnic.  We’re on!  $3 entrance fee per vehicle.  Let’s have fun!

Tomorrow is our first 2008 Living Stones Church Summer Picnic!!! 

When:  Sunday, June 29th 4-7 p.m.

WhereSt Patrick’s Park (this is new for us…we love Potato Creek but we thought we would try something new this year)…meet at Fragomeni Shelter.  St. Patrick Park is on Laurel Rd., off of Auten Rd., North of South Bend (take 933 N. to Auten, turn West)

Cost:  $3.00 gate entrance fee

What to Bring:  A hearty portion of a main dish and a drink OR 2 sides and a drink to share…potluck style.  We’ll provide the plates, napkins, silverware, etc.

Also…don’t forget the bug spray, bikes, baseball gloves, bats, folding chairs/picnic blankets.

Guaranteed after the picnic, everyone will be talking about it!  Don’t miss out on the conversation!

Got back from a week with 7-8th graders (Junior High).  We were at Michiana Christian Service Camp’s Junior High session of church camp.  I’m exhausted (especially for being out of routine for two straight weeks)…however, IT WAS A BLAST!!

Last year I attended the 5th & 6th grade session (loved it!) and worried that I wouldn’t enjoy 7th-8th graders as much.  I had nothing to worry about.  I LOVE JUNIOR HIGH!!  The kids were so much fun.  I had a great time.  The Dean (Rob Schwartz), his Faculty, the Jr. Faculty, the students from Great Lakes Christian College, the Program Staff, etc. were OUTSTANDING!

We brought 16 Junior Highers from Living Stones Church.  From everything that I have heard…everyone had a great time.

I couldn’t be any more hyper around Junior High kids (I’m sure I irritated many).  Seriously.  Massive case of ADHD.  It is like I just suck up the collective energy!

Thanks to Amy & Mark Osterhout as well as David & Cynthia Kneip for taking care of our kids.  I’m already looking forward to next year! 🙂

Church Camp

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After church this morning I leave with a group of Living Stones Church Junior High students and four awesome adult sponsors (David & Cythia Kneip and Mark & Amy Osterhout) to the Michiana Christian Service Camp for a week of camp!

I’m sure it will be a blast.  I must confess that just getting home last night and leaving for a week of camp with about 18 hours turnaround (along with paying bills…doing laundry…repacking…and preaching a sermon) is a little draining…BUT I’m sure I will rebound quickly as I suck the energy from junior high students to get my ADHD self on!!

So, Kelly and I get home yesterday evening from our week long “Economic Stimulus” Cruise (it was fun…more on that in later posts).  And we turn down our street and I notice from way at the top of the street that something is going on in our yard.  I see “pink splotches” everywhere.  As I get closer I notice that there are PINK FLAMINGOS all over my yard.

Apparently it was in response to a certain blog post.  Attached to the pink flamingos is a little note card from members of the Living Stones Church.  While we were gone vandals showed up to our house and “flamingo-ed” us putting the names of our friends and family at the Living Stones Church all over the yard.  There was a welcome home sign taped to the garage (strange for vandals 🙂 ) 

As we pulled in, it seemed our neighbors got a good kick out of driving by and seeing the flamingos in the yard.

It is good to be loved and missed.  It is also preferred to be flamingo-ed over t-peed.

NEXT SUNDAY we begin a new message series out of the Psalms entitled, WHAT’S YOUR SONG?  It is going to be an awesome series as we discover the language of faith to speak to God NO MATTER what emotion or feeling we are walking through!

June 22ndBetrayed (Psalm 55)

June 29thAshamed (Psalm 38 )

July 6thCrushed (Psalm 13 )

July 13thCelebration (Psalm 145)

Father’s Day

Posted: June 15, 2008 in Family

Today is Father’s Day.  Of all of my accomplishments on the face of the earth (however many that may be 🙂 , none compare to how proud I am of this one: