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Well…we are half way through 2008!!!!  Isn’t that amazing?  So, today is the day that I go back and evaluate my New Year’s Resolutions.  Remember those?  Yea…I’m a resolution guy.  I have so many that it is impossible to accomplish them all.  But now that we are halfway through with 2008 I have to decide:

  1. Which ones am I doing well in.
  2. Which ones do I need to pick up with greater intensity.
  3. Which ones do I need to scrap and dream again some other year.

So, I haven’t learned Spanish yet, but I still have time.  I’m going to give up trying out for the Kayaking event in this year’s Olympics.  And I still have some serious work on my resolution to enter 2009 with no “weight” resolution whatsoever (meaning whatever I need to lose…I lost already). 

Do you remember any of your resolutions?  How are you doing?  Any major victories?

Sorry for the little hiatus on the podcasts…vacation, church camp, etc.

The messages for the past three weeks are now on-line.  We have the Father’s Day message, “With Intention” from June 15th; the first week of our “What’s Your Song” message series entitled “Betrayed” out of Psalm 55; and this past Sunday’s message entitled “Ashamed” from Psalm 38. 

You can find the messages here.

Unbelievable Catch

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This is just phenomenal!  I think she is “Batgirl“.  Sign this girl up for the majors.  Watch the shame on the fielder as he just stands there watching his athletic manhood shrivel up and die!