Archive for July 6, 2008

What a morning!  Seriously good this morning even though I was so worried about it that I barricaded myself in my office until church started (seriously…I can count on about two finger the number of times I have ever done that).

Third week into our What’s Your Song series from the Psalms.  An onslaught of heavy topics…week 1 – Betrayed; week 2 – Ashamed; week 3 – Crushed…ahh…a little heavy…a little negative.  I hope it hasn’t felt overly negative.  Next week I promise we will lift off with Celebration.

Anyhow…highlights from the morning:

  • Singing You Are Good was like…awesome…Sarah Thompson was kicking it…I found my groove thing (just for a moment).
  • Great attendance (doing well in the summer…very consistent even with many gone each week on vacation).
  • Several 1st time and returning guests – LOVE IT!
  • O.K…can we talk about Theresa Lauver’s communion talk that included a snippet of her life story (WOW!!) AND then as a prayer she signed (like sign-language) the song My Redeemer Lives…was there a dry eye in the house?!  When she finished did you hear the ovation?  First time I remember such a response in communion talk history!
  • Jim Count’s tithes and offerings comments…and not a highlight, but as a sidenote…Counts last Sunday @ the Living Stones Church (family moving to Abilene, TX this week) 😦
  • Comments after service were overwhelmingly positive and had something to do with needing Kleenex.
  • Giving this morning was victorious 🙂

And then to cap off the day…Cubs beat St. Louis.  We took 2 out of 3 games.  Kelly is still speaking to me.