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The July 6th message “Crushed” from our four week message series on the Psalms entitled  What’s Your Song? is now online.  It is the third week of our series and discusses the faith language available to us when everything in life is NOT OK and it feels like we are being crushed.  The message is from Psalm 13.  You can find the message here

Well…after much delay and hesitation, I’m finally doing it!  I’m finally going to read Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover.  Not only am I going to read the book, I’m going to get together with a handful of other Living Stoners and we are going to discuss its contents with Melissa Cooper, our financial guru, leading the way.

I have put off reading this book.  But it is time.  I just hope my case of the Rams-ies  isn’t severe.  What is the “Ramsies” you ask?  Here is my definition of the “Rams-ies”

Ramsies– a condition that afflicts an individual’s cerebral cortex and produces three distinct symptoms:  1) finding anathama the spending of any money; 2) quotes Dave Ramsey more than Jesus Christ; and 3) becomes judgmental of others who don’t turn their 2-ply toilet paper into 1-ply and get twice the usage out of it in an effort to save money.  (sorry…I just got to draw the line somewhere)

Now not everyone who reads Dave Ramsey catches this awful disease (at least not all of the symptoms manifest).  Honestly, I could use a little more of symptom #1.  At the very least I’ll be surrounded by others who are keenly aware of such symptoms 🙂

Now if you will excuse me…I’m going out to eat!