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10,000 of these postcards went out in the mail today to 46613 / 46614 (South Side of South Bend).  I’m looking forward to it!

New Message Series beginning this Sunday!!!


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Why is there always ONE fly that stays in your office, never leaves, and pesters you to no end?

We began our VBS last night.  It was a good first night.  Highlights:

  • We had more kids on day one this year than last.
  • More adult volunteers than we have ever had…THANK YOU!!!
  • Different group then year’s past.  Still processing that.
  • Amazing how quickly kids learn new songs and accompanying motions.
  • Snacks that included sugar cookies, M&Ms, and orange candy slices…
  • Registration on day one is always crazy.
  • More on-line registrations than any year previous.
  • Pace and movement of the night was excellent.

Good job to Ann Lynn for putting together another great year of VBS!