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To the media and paparazzi who are nit-picking them to death, I only have one thing to say:


You’re hurting my achy breaky heart!!! 🙂

I’ve had several ask about how the new Barrington family rules were going that I blogged about here.  I’ll let Kelly speak for herself, but it seems that we may be making some small progress in areas. 

 But, we are also doing quite well in regards to preparing for a good night out to eat thanks to our kids’ misbehavior 🙂 .  Last night we counted the jar.  I think we are up to $13 or something. 

 The only problem is that each infraction is $.25.  And in the jar we found a nickel and a dime.  So, one of our kids either 1) doesn’t know what a quarter looks like…which we highly doubt; or 2) we have a kid who is so ingenious they have found the loophole in our system…mom and dad aren’t checking what coin drops in the jar!


Just YESTERDAY I was having a conversation about a dude named Todd Bentley who is claiming a revival in Florida and has had some very unorthodox practices…you know…things like kicking cancer victims in the stomach and punching old ladies…you know…typical apostolic practices…anyhow…

They had an article in the Faith section of the South Bend Tribune about him this morning!  You can read the article here…and you should!

This isn’t about (at least for me):

  • his tattoos
  • his t-shirts and jeans
  • the idea of God’s miraculous healing today, etc.

This is about discernment in the Body of Christ and where IN THE WORLD IS IT?!!?

I get no one wants to be on the “blaspheme the Holy Spirit” side by attributing a work of the Spirit to Satan.  I also get that no one wants to go down in history as that dude that opposed a major move of God (like there are in every period of revival)…

BUT just saying a dude is healed (on a stage holding a microphone with everyone cheering) doesn’t make them healed.  Saying God told you to punch an old lady doesn’t mean God actually said it.  And the reality of 10,000 people showing up to a “revival” service doesn’t mean the Holy Spirit is bringing revival.

The church HAS TO always be confident in asking tough questions.  She must examine the validity of such claims.  There must be testing.  The church CANNOT COWER into some spiritually trumped position because someone is using the Holy Spirit as their excuse for any behavior, conduct, and practice!! 

You can hear from Todd Bentley himself here:

WE have the best volunteers in the world!  Seriously…with a little over half of the week now complete, they are awesome

This feels like the smoothestrunning VBS yet.